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Gloria Malone is a young mother

Gloria Malone is a young mother

Gloria’s school counselor refused to speak to her when she became pregnant in her sophomore year in high school. Not only was she left without support at her school, but she also faced criticism within her community. Her daughter is now 6 years old.

Gloria is currently a student at Baruch College, proving to the non-believers that young mothers can make a difference. Her participation in our Young Moms training and our Young Mothers Briefing in Washington, D.C. fed her passion to become an advocate for young mothers. She strives to let other young mothers know that they are not alone and are more than a statistic. When asked why she got involved with NLIRH’s Young Moms, she said, “I want to be part of the change.”

Training with the young mothers.

Training with the young mothers.

NLIRH is the only national Latina health and reproductive justice organization representing an increasingly diverse and growing Latina population in this country. With the generous donations we received last year, throughout 2012 we were able to:

  • Train 10 young mothers on issues that affect Latinas and reproductive health.
  • Mobilized a group of young mothers to attend a briefing in Washington D.C. where they spoke to policymakers, hill staffers, advocates and allies about their experiences and the ways in which they can support young mothers.

NLIRH is committed to continuing its work with and on behalf of young mothers by providing more trainings and support. Through our work we hope to continue to grow and create change within our communities and the lives of our members. Please show that you too are part of the change and believe in the work that we do by making a tax deductible donation today.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and we wish you a Poderosa 2013!


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Leydi Bautista – young mother of two

My mother decided to have me at the age of 20 without any support from my “father” or our family. She was a young mother, living in poor conditions in Colombia, who barely made enough money to support herself, much less raise a child. Despite all this, she was able to provide for me and for my siblings as they came. However, I oftentimes imagine how different things would have been if my mother had a support system pre, during, and post pregnancy. I wonder how many more young mothers are out there without anyone to turn to or anyone who shares their experiences and can lend a shoulder to lean on. Which is why I’m so excited for the work the young mother’s group in New York is going to do.

Young mothers during their first training

The first time this group of young mothers set foot into the office they were shy and hesitant to open up about the hardships they’ve faced as young mothers. Their babies sat on our office floor, too scared to ask for snacks or even a juice box. With time, the mothers got to know each other better, they shared their fears of not becoming someone, of hating baby throw up, of deciding not to have an abortion even though they knew it would be difficult from here on after. Many gatherings that led to a briefing in Washington DC where these mothers stressed the importance of investing in them. They walked around DC with a sense of ownership; owning their stories, their experiences, their struggles, their goals, hopes and aspirations for the future that awaits them and their babies too.

Poderosa young mothers in DC

Marymar, one of the young mothers who went to DC shared her experience with us:

It was a fun experience and I would love to do more things like that. I felt motivated. I want to continue being vocal about the issues young mother’s face and to get more girls to do this. Even though there are people that don’t think about our future, we have to do it! We have to do everything we can to make sure others work with us and help us out. I want my kids to look up to me and to be proud of me. I’m doing all this so they can be happy. I want my daughter to one day say, “that’s my mother!” and that she’ll follow in my footsteps and help others. All I want to do is be somebody in life and everyone will see that I made it even though they didn’t believe I could. I will make it, that is a promise.

For these moms, the journey is not over though, it has just begun. As we continue to grow together and learn from each we hope to see real change in our community. These young moms are determined to obtain the resources they need to help their families or to create paths that are not there for them the way my mother did. From having access to child care, scholarships, food and shelter, comprehensive sex education to parent only parks, they will continue to fight for it all. But they won’t be alone.

Perlita and her baby boy

One thing is certain; they are not fighting for themselves but for their kid(s). Their kids are the reason they are able to get out of bed sometimes, why some of them are still enrolled in college even though it is so difficult to find child care. Their kids are the reason why they’re standing up to the injustices and inequalities they face every day. Because some day, things will change, and their little ones will be there to witness it and know their mothers fought for this. Without realizing it, these moms have already become someone in life. They are warriors and creators of their own destinies.

If you are also a young mom in New York and you’d like to get involved with us, connect with us here. Also, check out this video of the young mothers in DC.

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